Sunday, January 25, 2015


Marshall County Emergency Management

1201 Broadway
Office B4
Marysville, KS  66508

Fax: 785-562-4551



William Schwindamann, Director
Daniel Hargrave, Assistant Director
Leslie Jeter, Clerk
Patricia Demelo, Clerk


The Marshall County Office of Emergency Management is charged with the responsibility for coordination, preparedness, operation, and execution of all actions which must be taken to combat the effects of natural or technological disasters. These actions are necessary for the purpose of rendering duties for the protection of lives and properties of the people and alleviating suffering and damage caused by flood, fire, drought, tornado, earthquake, storm, explosion, or any other catastrophe.

It is the ultimate goal of the Marshall County Office of Emergency Management is the preservation of life and property through the use of preparedness, planning, training mitigation, response, and recovery operations.


National Weather Service Office/Topeka

State of Kansas

Kansas Department of Health & Environment

Kansas Department of Health & Environment
Form A for Hazardous Materials Incidents / Accidents /Continuous Releases

Federal Emergency Management Agency

Right to Know

EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency)