Friday, December 15, 2017






Marshall County Polling Places 
Annunciation Cigna Center, 402 N. Maple, Frankfort, KS
Bigelow Township
Clear Fork Township
Cleveland Township
Noble Township (includes the City of Vermillion)
Vermillion Township (East and West) (includes the City of Frankfort)
Wells Township
Axtell American Legion, 207 5th St., Axtell, KS 
Lincoln Township
Murray Township (includes the City of Axtell)       
Marysville American Legion, 310 Veterans Memorial Dr. North, Marysville, KS 
Balderson Township
Center Township
Elm Creek Township
Franklin Township
Herkimer Township
Logan Township
Marysville Township
City of Marysville Wards 1, 2, 3, and 4 
Oketo Township (includes the City of Oketo)
Walnut Township
St. Malachy’s Parish Hall, 311 Williams St., Beattie, KS 
Guittard Township (includes the City of Beattie)
Rock Township
Summerfield Community Center, 300 Main St., Summerfield, KS 
Richland Township
St. Bridget Township
(includes the City of Summerfield)
Valley Heights High School Building, 2274 6th Road, Blue Rapids, KS
Blue Rapids Township
Blue Rapids City Township (includes the City of Blue Rapids)
Cottage Hill Township
Waterville Township (includes the City of Waterville)