Sunday, May 24, 2020



Nancy J. Koch, Clerk of the District Court

Marshall County Courthouse

1201 Broadway, Office #5

P. O. Box 149

Marysville KS 66508-0149

Katie Denner, Trial Court Clerk

Kathleen Heiman, Trial Court Clerk

Karen Smith, Trial Court Clerk

Telephone: 785-562-5301

Fax: 785-562-2458


All cases in Marshall County District Court are filed in this office, including probate, mental illness, alcohol treatment, criminal, adoption, juvenile offender, child in need of care, traffic, small claims, limited civil, divorce, parentage actions, protection from abuse, protection from stalking and civil actions.  Each case file ismaintained with a listing of each pleading that is filed in the case showing the date and time of filing.  Marriage licenses are issued out of this office as well as jury summons.  Court records of all types, dating back to before Kansas became a state,  are located in this office.


The Marshall County District Court is excited to announce the implementation of Electronic Filing effective March 1,2016. 

The Kansas Courts e-Filing initiative will move all Kansas state courts from a paper-based system to one that relies on electronic documents.  The rollout statewide is planned to be completed by April 2016. At that time all Kansas district and appellate courts will be able to receive and store electronic documents, saving paper, space, time, and money.

Right now, only lawyers in good standing who are licensed in Kansas may use Kansas Courts e-Filing. It is a goal to eventually open e-filing to self-represented litigants.

Why file electronically?

Electronic filing holds great promise for saving courts time, resources, and storage space.  When e-filing is in place statewide, and it is used in combination with case and document management systems, judges, court clerks, and lawyers will be able to access electronic court case files at any time.

There also are many benefits specific to e-filers:

·        You can file your document without leaving your office.

·        You can copy information from an earlier filing to create a new filing on the same case, reducing data entry.

·        On a case-by-case basis, you can specify who in your office can see your filings.

·        Once you register, you may electronically file in any court where e-filing is used.

·        You will spend less on postage, photocopying, and delivery fees.


All the above information has come from the Kansas Judicial Branch website, which can be found at

We are proud to announce that the22nd Judicial District, which includes Marshall, Nemaha, Brown, and Doniphan counties, started e-Filing on March 1, 2016,